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8 Consejos para travestis principiantes

Check out 8 most helpful tips for crossdressers. If you put effort and time into your crossdressing, you can definitely be able to achieve a more feminine figure and persona. Explore your feminine side step by step and enjoy the experience of transforming & becoming a beautiful woman.

Becoming Courtney Act: How drag made Shane Jenek queen of his own identity | Australian Story

Since appearing on Australian Idol in 2003, drag queen Courtney Act has gone on to become an international star, appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race in America, winning Celebrity Big Brother in the UK and coming second on Dancing with the Stars last year in Australia. 

But for much of Courtney's career there was a struggle going on between the glamorous drag queen and the man behind the make-up, Shane Jenek. 

The turning point came in 2014, when he was introduced to the concept of gender fluidity. Since then, Shane and Courtney have used reality TV, social media and performance to preach a message of acceptance and tolerance. In an intimate portrait, Jenek talks candidly — as both Shane and Courtney — about his career and identity issues.

My Wife Accepts Me As A Man OR Woman | LOVE DON'T JUDGE

HIGH SCHOOL sweethearts Katie and Vince have been a couple for over 11 years and happily married for five. Nine years into their relationship; however, Vince dropped a bombshell: he – or they – were gender fluid. Identifying on some days as Natasha, a woman with long hair and bangs and an expert at makeup application, other days they revert back to the more traditionally male alter ego of Vince, the man that Katie fell in love with. A year ago Natasha went public and now Natasha and Vince enjoy shopping trips and coffee dates together - but it’s only Vince that Katie is physically attracted to.

My Boyfriend Is A Crossdresser - And I Love It | LOVE DON’T JUDGE

A woman has embraced her boyfriend’s love for crossdressing by going out on their first public dinner date as two women. Benjamin, 25, and Nastia , 22, are a heterosexual couple with a difference. Both working in creative fields as artists and photographers, they are used to breaking boundaries in their respective crafts. However in their personal lives they have found a new way to express themselves – by crossdressing. While the pair have debuted their alter-egos numerous times in public, this has always been in LGBT+ friendly venues where safety was not a concern. However on their first official dinner date as two women, the couple ventured out into town, away from their usual safe spaces.